Doctor Gálvez 2, Planta Alta, San Angel, 01000, Ciudad de México

Tel: + 52 (55) 6390 0163
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Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos is a team that works with honesty and passion to develop housing, residential and commercial projects. In 25 years they have learned to grow with their customers and to team up with important architectural and interior design firms. Attention to details and a deep knowledge of the profession had allowed them to never stop working and creating, two principles they considered vital for their professional development and especially to fulfill the commitment they have to their clients. Living architecture is one of the main goals of the firm that has the support of multidisciplinary teams to fully resolve all the needs of the architectural program and provide their clients with the expected results. In their projects the material’s nature and the neutrality of the color palettes always stand out to achieve the adequate balance and shaping the spaces that this professional team develops. Honesty, passion, work, creation, team and above all results are the elements that define and give life to the Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos projects.

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