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Secrest Architecture

Secrest Architecture is an award winning full service design studio in Tucson, Arizona, specializing in innovative modern residential and commercial architecture and interiors. Our architecture embraces the desert landscape and lifestyle, while being sensitive to the harshness of this unique environment. Each project is unique, sculpted to the needs and requirements of its users and responding to its own individual sense of place. Secrest Architecture is committed to architecture that not only satisfies users’ needs and fulfills functional aspects, but inspires and enriches the lives of its occupants; architecture that has a strong connection with the spirit of place; architecture that learns from the practical solutions of the past, but doesn’t try to mimic historical styles; architecture that strives for a bold new direction. Secrest Architecture has been recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for their innovative modern design, and has been featured in local, regional and national publications. We seek projects of any scale that present the opportunity to bring innovation and value to our client.

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