Fernández Navarro 3 7º B
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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ESESE is an Architectural Office from Spain, bared in Tenerife, Canary Islands. We are experienced in residential buildings, housing complex, single-family houses and also complex related with tourist uses. We offer advanced design solutions in Office buildings or Public services like Education, Health, Police...with a Mediterranean and contemporary architectural style. Our Architecture style is modern, eco-efficient, sustainable and blends with the landscape. We develop buildings integrated into the environment, taking advantage of climatic conditions and environmental optimization through passive solar cooling, patterns of local architecture and landscape design, where the microclimate generated around the house becomes an important aspect of our projects. We set as an objective of our architecture photovoltaic energy production, thermal and hybrid (wind, solar) and applied water treatment, desalination and the use of appropriate materials. Our aim is to achieve maximum integration of renewable energy systems in residential structures by providing a combination of strategies to achieve sustainable solutions to the problem of energy in the building. We provide new perspectives and concepts in Architecture and are used to work with tight budget and short time. We are a young, cosmopolitan Architecture practice. Our Architects and Engineers come from five different countries in Europe and America adding value to the main Spanish architectural concepts. We co-operate with partners in several parts of the world, where we can add meaningful value with our architectural design. We invite you to visit our web-site: www.esese.net

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