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Gimbernat Architects

In José A. Gimbernat’s studio of architecture one has the sensation of moving between technology and craftsmanship, between great ideas and minute details, between hectic activity and that peaceful calm that Bach or Coltrane can inspire … We have always dedicated the maximum attention to each project, no matter the size, bonding space and people, material and surroundings without ever once forgetting respect to nature. One of our main preoccupations is to carry out sustainable architecture and for this reason we are particularly interested in the latest innovations in this field because for us true progress is only to be found in this direction and we have committed ourselves to placing our creativity to its service. With our experience we may fairly claim that a job is well done when each and every one of its components (clients, society, architects and constructors) are satisfied. When the director of the orchestra, in this case the architect, makes all the instruments sound in harmony to achieve a result which is beauty itself.

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