Domselaerstraat 90
1093 MA

Tel: +31 (0)624623123



+31ARCHITECTS is a young and multidisciplinary office, operating in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning. +31ARCHITECTS doesn’t see it merely as their task to deepen and translate the space allocation program into a design but also give the client insight of the possible potentials which lie in the assignment. With each type of assignment the dialogue between client and architect is essential. +31ARCHITECTS strives, in her way of working, to a fully accompany of the assignment, from design to delivery. We cooperate on project base with a team of consultants. +31ARCHITECTS stands for a clear design were the form has been worked out in all its details. The Work of +31ARCHITECTS shows a variety of assignments with key words as: openness, clarity, order, material use and details. Just like the relation between interior and exterior these terms are inextricable connected to each other.

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