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usoarquitectura is the professional and life project of Gabriel Salazar and Fernando Castañón. Since 2005 they have printed their decisive, impeccable quality aesthetic and beyond the line proposals into solutions for their clients to use architecture.

usoarquitectura (use-architecture) is an studio devoted to architecture and interior design. We understand architecture as a whole and that is why we approach projects without rules. Our team is formed by architects, designers, engineers and consultants specialized in all fields.

The history of a great project is usually the history of a great client, one who is willing to use architecture and assume the risks involved in good ideas. Architecture blurs the boundaries between public and private, interior and exterior; changing frontiers and extending the limits. Things do not take place isolated, just like nature, one event triggers another. Architecture based on nature is more real to the world we live in.

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Posted: September 13, 2011 

Accesolab is a company with 20 years of experience commercializing sophisticated equipment for research laboratories. For the design of their new corporate offices in Santa Fe –a mayor business area in Mexico City- they team worked with usoarquitectura to develop a project to outstand their leadership. A very simple architectonic program, adapted to the space characteristics, was set out in a 1,000 sq m area. The confidence of the clients in the project was transformed in a central square area for the operative zone with the private offices located close to the facades with windows. The services section works like a screen to increase the privacy of the direction area, this section contains the assistants, site and storage areas. Next to the building elevators, the visitor’s areas were located: training, showroom, meeting and reception halls, resulting in a functional and flexible space with a vitality contagious atmosphere.  

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