2 Glen Street
Milsons Point, NSW

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Harry Seidler & Associates

Harry Seidler & Associates is a closely knit team - a dedicated group of individuals, some of whom have collaborated effectively for more than 30 years. The firm has completed a great variety of buildings, from private residences, industrial buildings, hotels, high-rise offices and apartment buildings to regional developments providing a totally integrated environment.

Most of these projects have been in Australia; however, the firm has also undertaken work in South East Asia, Central America and Europe, including a social housing complex consisting of some 850 apartments, 14 cinemas, kindergarten schools and shopping, fronting the Danube in Vienna.

For the size of the projects it undertakes, the team of Harry Seidler & Associates is relatively small. This allows its aims and approach to architecture to remain clear and direct, building upon and extending the tenets of Modern architecture.

Experience is carried forward from one project to the next, the team constantly evolving and developing its visual and technological base. Short-lived fashions and regressive stylisms are shunned; the aim of aesthetic and physical longevity predominates. Each project is developed as a totality, a Gesamtkunstwerk, wherein all the parts, down to the smallest detail of interiors and integrated works of art, receive equally dedicated attention.

The team has acted as construction managers/builders not only for its own headquarters in Sydney (in its evolution over some 20 years into a cohesive group of buildings), but also for other large commercial buildings.

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