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24H Architecture

The work of the 24H office can be characterized by a thematic approach to all projects. At the start of the office various themes were defined, deriving from actual issues within society and/or mere interest or fascination of the founders of the office. Themes such as evolution, sensibility and event were defined. Therein lays also the true roots of the name giving of the office.

The evolution theme, that represents the ambition to make architecture that can evolve and adapt itself depending on the typical conditions of a project, within a lifetime, a year a season or 24H’s.

Projects within a historic building or context were inspired by the evolution theme that in time developed into a strategy that was named ‘organism’. A new organism within an old building, showing itself in a contemporary form on the outside or inside, together they make an architectural statement for the future.

Within the recent period, a tendency becomes visible in which the ecological aspects are influencing design. Combining eco friendly materials, techniques and building methods with local as well as globally inspirited design-ingredients leads to balanced architectural solutions supporting the environment as well as beauty; the ‘art d’ eco(logy). The inspiration for materialisation of projects is found in nature. From there the natural form or material a cultural component added. This results in a materialisation that can be described as frozen or petrified nature. For this the term ‘Natrufied’ has been introduced. Utilising modern techniques to their limits, combined with quality will result in rich architecture characterised by sensitive facades and intense detailing.

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