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architectenbureau drost bna

Beside his study architecture at the Delft University of Technology Kees-Paul Drost started his office in 1997. In the beginning the office provided services to different architectural firms in The Hague, Gouda, Reeuwijk, Bergambacht and Streefkerk. Wide experience has been gained in areas such as architectonic design, project management and office management. In 2007, its service activities to other architectural firms ended and now the office is a professional and all-round architectural firm for both constituents business and private has the office. Architectenbureau drost bna is member of The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects. Our vision at architecture has been aimed at an architectonic quality of functionality, beauty and commonplace. This asks for an inspiring and at the same time a serving attitude from the architect. We search in our designs for a balance between use and perception, detail and whole, existing and new, contemporary and permanent, change and continuity, temporality and sustainability. Our architecture is a product of the present. This means in social, technical and esthetic innovation and is has an optimistic view at the future. All this true to be able intensive cooperation with the users is make essential.

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