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Architects-ldl core purpose is to create, design and construct enduring, evocative habitats for living, education and businesses.

"The contract with them on this project provided the benefits of experienced and innovative design expertise together with skilled professional management throughout the building and completion stages. They remained consultative during the whole process, listening carefully to my ideas and requirements, including my input at every stage. The overall result has been extremely successful. I have achieved everything that I wanted in a comfortable, gracious house.” Home Owner, Eileen Smith.

‘Our school engaged Architects-ldl to design and obtain approvals for our new school. Architects-ldl, managed the project in a professional manner and achieved our design brief to our complete satisfaction. They are very knowledgeable about Education, Building Code and City requirements. The design result has been a great success and contributed to the success of our school. We have no hesitation recommending them for other educational building projects.’ WLCNZ Institute Limited.

‘His duties consisted of design, development, research, documentation and observation of both projects.’ ‘Showed skill in analysing issues and proposing design solutions together with experience in knowing how those solutions could be applied’ Sky Tower Auckland and Macau Tower, Macau, China, Gordon Moller - Craig Craig Moller.

With you, Architects-ldl will create a vision for your habitat, design every aspect and construct it to endure.

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