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At a time when being green goes beyond a fad, Picciotto Architects is one of the strongest creators of the Mexican sustainable architecture. For over 20 years, his style with deep roots ecological penetrates the real estate world with cutting-edge designs that have solved dilemmas corporate environment to inhabit buildings profitable, aesthetic and functional. His career began in 1987, was born Picciotto Architects, which has been projected housing complexes, which were then followed by corporate buildings, hotels and mixed-use complex. The incursion of Picciotto Architects in the business of commercial buildings began in 1990 with CENIT Plaza Archimedes, the first sustainable corporate building . Proceeds from the implementation of sustainable systems bioclimatic, CENIT won the National Award for Energy Saving in 1994. Shortly after the building was designed Eclipse, is located where today the Ministry of Energy. The strong influence of the item in its green architectural design did not stop at designing commercial buildings. Between 1995 and 2000, created the design of complex housing "Palomas", which brought with it the opportunity to develop proposals to use environmental and even explored urban roads as the vertical development in big cities. Picciotto Architects worked closely with the Malaysian architect Ken Jeang follower of the Theory of Urban Development Vertical. However, a common thread connecting the work of this young firm: energy efficiency, resulting from the low costs of maintenance and operation.

In their design solutions are applied, the product of in-depth analyses of sun study on facades. In its constant quest to broaden the knowledge and application of sustainable architecture, has participated in international competitions such as the Centre for Scientific Research in higher education Ensenada, Remodeling of the Prado Museum, Madrid Spain, the Conservatory of Music in Baleares, Spain , Laza Rabin, Israel, the Museum of Tomihiro, Japan and Great National Museum, Cairo, Egypt. Indeed, the recognition of authorities and academics in this field has involved in establishing criteria, which seek to be coin by Mexican environmental authorities. In recent years, Picciotto Architects has continued a trend of respect for its architectural style. This is the case of Hotel and Office Complex located at Insurgentes 553, which created conditions for mixed-use activities in one building. The proposals make in their own corporate with the most recent trends in architectural bioclimatic. This Career has been recognized through the prestigious prize honors as Mario Pani. Among his latest innovations, contained no doubt the construction of the Santa Fe Hotel Complex, as well as residential projects located in areas of high added value of Mexico City as "Condesa", "Napoles" and "Roma".

In all of them shows his avant-garde style and his clear intention to strengthen the architecture in the central part of this great metropolis.

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