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Bourque + Bruegger Architects

THE PRACTICE Architectural commissions start with a careful study of the client and user needs.. The project budget and schedule are a prerequisite to a successful project. Design is the result of proceeding from schematic sketches, moving through increasing levels of complexity and detail, using models from the outset, to delineate and explore the design process. In addition we seek to explore the role the project plays in relation to the environmental, historical, social and economic context. Our experience in the design of private residential projects has provided us with an understanding of contextual fit between new and existing, integration of new forms and materials, integration of traditional and new dwelling patterns. From initial client contact to explore project needs, we would prepare a programme on your instructions, and set the basic conceptual direction. The design development is gradual, from conceptual sketches through increasing levels of detail, using models from the outset to communicate the form implications of all design decisions. Alternatives are explored to ensure all possibilities have been examined, design and cost implications understood. Design without preconceptions challenges us from the outset. Maintaining the integrity of the concept throughout the design, working drawing and construction phases challenges us throughout the design process. Our attention to technical detail will carry through all phases of work to completion. We will integrate our skills and abilities with expertise and outside consulting services for the prime engineering disciplines, structural, mechanical and electrical, and for cost estimating. If a project requires more specialized consultants, they may be retained in areas of soils, acoustics, lighting, fire safety, etc..

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