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Cologne (Köln)

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Architekturbüro Berhausen

PROFILE After finishing carpentry apprenticeship in 1996, I began my studies in architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. In 2001, I finished my studies with a diploma in the subject "Construction Management". This was followed by a two-year work as an employee in a small engineering-office in Cologne with a focus on adaptive reuse, redevelopment, project management and appraisement of real estate. After registration in the Chamber of Architects North-Rhine-Westphalia I finally founded my own architecture office in the city centre of Cologne. In addition to the classic occupational image of the architect, I broad my services as a building surveyor for damages and for evaluation of real estate. Since many years I work with a network of expert planners, designers, structural engineers or landscape-architects, who will expand my services according to the building task.

FACILITIES Hardware: heterogeneous network with Windows and Macintosh workstations, dslr-reflex camera, laser measuring device, humidity and surface temperature gauge

FACILITIES Software: VectorWorks, Artlantis, Photoshop, InDesign, MS Office, MS Project, software for tendering, placing and accounting

Additional Offices:

Architekturbüro Berhausen
Alte Landstraße 7

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