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Keith Williams Architects

Keith Williams Architects is multi-award winning architectural design practice, with a stream of accolades supporting its fast growing international reputation for the creation of dramatic, innovative architecture of the highest quality. Keith Williams Architects is BD Public Building Architect of the Year 2006. Based in London, the firm headed by its founder Keith Williams and fellow director Richard Brown, was established in January 2001. During an extremely successful first six years, Williams and his team have been working on an expanding portfolio of high profile projects across a wide variety of building types in Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain in addition to the UK. Schemes include civic offices and buildings for the arts, whilst the broader portfolio includes studies in urban masterplanning, commercial development and residential projects. William’s architecture with its concerns for the interplay of space, light, form and material coupled with careful consideration for scale history and context, results in buildings that achieve an aesthetic balance between his contemporary, visionary deigns and that which exists whether sensitive and historic, or brownfield. The creative philosophy that Williams enshrines is both logical and deductive but also embraces the “lateral” thereby allowing the unexpected to be an inclusive part of the architectural conception. The firm has been successful in numerous high profile architectural competitions both national and international, and its work has been published worldwide.

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