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Andrew Maynard Architects

Recently named in Wallpaper Magazine's Architects Directory, an "annual guide to the world's most innovative practices", Andrew Maynard's design practice is quickly becoming recognised as an emerging source of interest in the design community. Since Andrew Maynard Architects was established in late 2002 it has been recognised internationally in media, awards and exhibitions for its unique body of built work and its experimental conceptual design polemics. Theoretical and cerebral concerns are evident in all of his work from the seemingly most pragmatic projects to expressive residential and commercial work. Concerned more with flexibility and manipulation of living space, Andrew Maynard avoids simplistic debates of style and fashion and instead pursues issues relating to the shifts in our contemporary understanding of the city, society, place and home, in new and meaningful expression. Spending half of his time undertaking architectural commissions and half entering design competitions, Andrew Maynard ensures that he doesn't become entrenched in the confines and pragmatics of private practice and can instead concentrate on both the rigours of practice and the freedom and expression of design competitions.

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