Nieuwe Schoolweg 4
7514 CG

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Van der Jeugd Architecten

Van der Jeugd Architecten is a progressive architects firm in the east of the Netherlands, which combines extensive building experience with a contemporary conception of architecture and urbanism. Every assignment is treated as a unique and specific issue that is answered with care and in correspondence with the particular conditions of the location and clients’ wishes. Educated by the tradition of modern architecture the office works together with its clients on remarkable and startling results. The office positions itself in the middle of contemporary building practice with the ambition to explore and shift its borders. Althought the work of the office cannot be captured by a single architectural style most of designs can be characterized as aesthetic minimalistic which much attention for the spatial expression and detailing. Depending on the assignment existing and new material applications and spatial configurations are explored and translated to a progressive design. As such each design is the result of a quest in order to reach the most optimum result for every budget, with as little compromises as possible.

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