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Copraxis Architects

COPRAXIS is an architectural practice dedicated to excellence within its field. Our fundamental aim is to produce work that is a beautifully resolved and a carefully crafted response to the client’s brief. Since its inception, COPRAXIS has built a reputation for excellence, both architecturally and in the manner in which we service our clients. COPRAXIS is committed to sustainability in architecture. It is well known that Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) promotes an environmentally orientated and ecologically sustainable approach to construction. At COPRAXIS however, we are also aware this is only one component to creating sustainable communities. We have an appreciation of the need to effectively satisfy the “quadruple bottom line” which encompasses environmental, social, economic and governmental sustainability. To us, that means architecture must be fiscally as well as environmentally responsible. It must be culturally sustainable, being specifically tailored to end user needs, whilst allowing room for future adaptation. Above all it must provide a tangible social asset to the city or setting in which it is located.

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