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Architecst Black & Wilson Pty Ltd

ARCHITECTS BLACK & WILSON Pty Ltd can provide the following services: Architecture including: Feasibility analysis; Design; Construction documentation; Contract administration; Calling tenders and negotiating with Contractors; Applications to and negotiations with Authorities; Budget reviews, estimates and feasibility studies; Project planning and management; 3D Computer Modelling of sites and buildings; 3D Renderings and Walkthroughs; Town planning; Interior design; Landscape design; Fully integrated projects. THE COMPANY ARCHITECTS BLACK & WILSON Pty Ltd is a small boutique practice originally formed to offer a quality architectural service to clients. Incorporating in 1995, we have (by choice) remained small by utilizing modern technology to maintain control and give personal attention to each project. Though no longer considered young (by my children) we are young enough to still be enthusiastic and motivated, yet old enough to offer a wealth of expertise: over 25 years building and architectural experience. SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS Ours is a service industry and therefore our overriding priority is to provide our valued Clientele with the service they require. We always try to give our Clients more than they expect. PROBLEM SOLVING The practice has built its base on experience and this determination to "do it right the first time". To achieve this goal, it is the practice's philosophy to ask the hard questions up front, to identify the parameters of the problem fully before attempting to find a solution. This approach ensures a better solution to all problems, including the areas in which the practice has no experience. Previously used solutions are not simply replicated, but are analysed from first principles to establish whether they are appropriate in the present context, or can be improved either by minor adjustments or by radical revision. This method has ensured that all clients are satisfied with the end product as well as it being good value for money. CURRENT TECHNOLOGY The business uses ‘state of the art’ computers for all office work, accounting, spreadsheets and feasibility analysis’. In addition, the transition from ‘the board’ to fully computerized design and drawing is complete. The practice is a licenced AUTOCAD user and has licenses for all the APDESIGN ‘add on’ packages including: ‘UTILITY’, ‘ARCHITECT’, ‘SURVEY’, ‘QUANTITIES’ and ‘TERRAIN’. We also use ENVISIONEER. These programs permit full 3D modelling of the site and the buildings, renderings and walk-throughs at design stage or during documentation. QUALIFICATION DETAILS: Mark Wilson holds the following qualifications and skills: Associate Diploma in Civil Engineering from Queensland Institute of Technology in 1980; Bachelor of Architecture from Queensland Institute of Technology in 1986; 5 years employment as an Engineering Draftsman; 20 years employment in the architectural profession; Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

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