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For more than half a century, Weidlinger Associates has been a leading structural engineering and applied mechanics consultant, known for its innovative solutions and diversified practice. The firm designs and rehabilitates buildings, bridges, and infrastructure and develops advanced analysis software. Special services are offered in vulnerability assessment; risk analysis; forensic, earthquake, wind, and blast engineering; soil/structure interaction; and sustainability. Weidlinger has engineered structural systems for all types of buildings—courthouses, embassies, laboratories, museums, office headquarters, stadiums, and more—in the United States and abroad, pioneering in high-rise, long-span, cable-supported, and fabric-roof structures.

Weidlinger was founded in Washington, DC, in 1949, established headquarters in New York in 1951, and became a corporation in 1982. The firm currently employs 350 people and bills more than $60 million per year. Paul Weidlinger pioneered in the fields of high-rise buildings and high-strength concrete and collaborated with many renowned 20th-century architects. Five of the distinguished engineers he chose as partners eventually joined him as elected members of the National Academy of Engineering. Early on, the synergy of applied science research and structural engineering design set Weidlinger apart and ensured creative and productive partnerships on significant projects, such as the CBS Building, Georgia Dome, Rose Center for Earth and Space, and signature suspension span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, now under construction.

Glass cubes, space frames, and other special structures continue to define Weidlinger. Of note are the increasing number of design projects that incorporate complex and sensitive physical security agendas. Recently, the Los Angeles area office joined forces with Brian Cochran, Inc., to become a full-service structural engineering design practice. Sizable contributions are also being made to the rehabilitation of New York suspension bridges, the design and construction of infrastructure and institutional buildings in New England, sustainable solutions, and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

More than 150 Weidlinger projects have received awards for engineering excellence, technical innovation, and creative design. An Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects described Weidlinger as “pioneering engineers and structural designers, whose innovative solutions and long-standing commitment to research and computer applications have revolutionized building in America.” In 2004, Weidlinger received the National Grand Conceptor Award from the American Consulting Engineers Council for applying their trademark multi-disciplinary approach to the most comprehensive study of the World Trade Center tower collapses to date. Several recent projects—the Rose Center for Earth and Space, the Rockefeller University Campus Community Bridge, Cheju Stadium, the Beijing Bank of China, and Pier 3 Cruise Ship Dock Canopy in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico—also received national awards for engineering excellence.

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