Gleisner 1824
Concepcion, Chile

Tel: 56-41-2225561
Fax: 56-41-2225561


Susana Herrera & Factoria

Our studio provides a multidisciplinary design service harnessing space design in its varies scale conditions, with thoughtful intelligent details. With focus on fresh perspectives and forward thinking, we adopt a creatively driven approach that supports companies and individuals in a diverse commercial capacity.In architecture, our area of interest is in materials and fabrication methods for architecture and in constantly using both new and traditional materials and techniques for integration of architecture with light and landscape. Fresh ideas, combined with passion and expertise, result in brilliant solutions. Our mission is to create special places that delight our clients and their patrons and enrich the communities we serve. our dedication to high quality design is paramount, whether working on low budget structures or high cost buildings with complex technical specifications. We bring a commitment to excellence to every project. We engage to understanding clients´ need and working withing realistic budgets and timetables. High standards and rigorous exploration of many ideas result in distinctive environments.

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