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Suite 340

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Hayashida Architects, Inc.

Hayashida Architects, Inc. is a minority-owned professional corporation in the East Bay for over 29 years, established in 1979. Our firm's size of 14 employees and the commitment to personal direction by the Principals insure the operational integrity and quality of every project.

Hayashida Architects considers itself a “one-stop” service provider of Architectural & Engineering services. This is due to us partnering with the same quality Engineering Firms for all of our projects. We then select the Engineering partner that fits the project scope and scale.

Hayashida Architects provides services from project start-up to closeout. For preliminary phases, we have provided Site Review and Selection, Programming of the project scope and scale, Code & Jurisdictional Reviews, and Contract review. In the Design phases, our services include Site Design, Building Design, Interior Design and Material / Color Selections. Our computer aided design (CAD), has afforded us the opportunities to provide computer generated Drawings, such as three-dimensional modeling, colored renderings and photo-realistic renderings, and building fly-bys and walk-thru.

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