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Urban Future Organization

urban future organization was founded in london during 1996 as a collective of self-organised architectural practices who share common design strategies in practice, professionalism, and architectural discourse. our goal: to achieve the ‘creative efficiency’ demanded by modern, cutting-edge architectural practices. The organization now also includes network nodes in australia, italy, sweden, the netherlands, greece, spain and the uk members within the organisation share philosophies of an intensive collective, group collaboration, and the ideas and visions of quality that facilitate future developments in architectural production and urban development. The overall structure of urban future organization seeks to elicit quality work which expands the notion of the spatial envelope, provides sensitive responses to context and use, and provokes dialog within the architectural profession. The organization has an international agenda, yet maintains the specific qualities of local diversity. Its members are multi-national design professionals, who conduct their work through collaboration with experienced consultants. urban future organization has professional experience ranging from the execution of a single residential house to national concert hall.

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