Suite# 511 Al Amin Tower Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 10 at Nipa Round about

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ARCHITECTURE POINT - Principal Architect: Shams ul Qamar

Architecture Point is an social organization established with the primary objectives of provding a comprehensive professional services in architecture, planning and related disciplines for the design and execution of educational, civic, commercial, industrial and other types of buildings, planning at regional and sub regional. Projects of greater complexity involving a specific emphasis on the economic social and political aspects. Architecture Point having a long Professional History, introduced an architectural practice, a high degree of rationalization in functional planning as well as innovative aesthetic configurations, as a principal Architect in his very successful architectural and planning consultancy firm. He brings this history to Architecture Point and now the major thrust in the firms professional thinking is the resolution of problems created when user requirements and traditional solutions, including traditional cultural forms, are set against the often conflicting dictates of modern technology and the architectural forms that have been generated by it. Such thinking is accompanied by aggressive design solutions that are both functionally innovative and aesthetically pleasing. For each project a specialist team is arranged, tailored to meet all requirements of the projects in various areas of specialization. Headed by the principal of the firm, such a team ensures active response to the challenge the project poses, by making available creativity richer and vastly numerous options for solutions generated by wide and varied professional backgrounds of the team members. Out of those options it is possible for preliminary strategies, interim proposals, or final solutions to be chosen and carefully tailored for their optimality for development and execution. Architecture Point has already demonstrated its superior capabilities in architecture and planning, and interior work. This has resulted in a growing number of highly satisfied clients.

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