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Moebius OnLine

Moebius is an Award winning company fully dedicated to High-Quality Architectural Offshore Outsourcing Services. Founded in the year 2003 by Architects with many years of shared knowledge and experience, our company specializes in Architectural Design and Documentation. Our clients are mainly Architecture Firms and Developers. We are based in Uruguay, South America.

We provide Revit Building models (BIM) and CAD drawings.

SERVICES: Conceptual Design / Schematic Design / Design Development / Construction Drawings

STAFF: Senior Architects / Junior Architects / CAD Drafters / Revit Managers / Revit Drafters

OUR "3 Cs":

Confidentiality: Our outmost efforts are directed to ensure the strict confidentiality and security of all data confided to us from the client’s identity to the project description.

Communication: Is the key to success when outsourcing. This is why we keep permanent multi-media contact with our clients by e-mail, phone or Sype. Moebius is located in a time zone of close proximity to the US which enables teleconference meetings and daily phone calls in real time during office hours.

Cristal-Clear Working Conditions: We present our clients with a Working Plan establishing project scope, milestones and submissions providing them with absolute control over the process.

EXPERIENCE: High rise residential buildings, office buildings, mixed-use buildings, retail shops, malls, restaurants, green homes / private homes and airline terminals.

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