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Architectural Studio `Symmetry`

The philosophic term of `symmetry` (from Greek - proportionality) origins from antique idea of harmony with its content of order, balancing, beauty, perfection. The symmetry real and unreal, existing and transcendental, historical and contemporary creates environment, or lost returns to life. Architecture objectively exists from the first human attempts to bring order in its activity for the creation of the comfort environment. Symmetry is the most right word to definition of the objective existence of architecture. Symmetry of architecture characterizes activity for expression of human like creator of environment in harmony with nature and landscape. The more architecture is filled of past, the more attractive it will be in future. The idealistic concept of the harmonious environment is based on the biblical idea of the creation of the world: God gave the flag to every land, and people were ready to accept it, to fix it in their culture and handed it to their descendants. The heredity of the traditions with penetration into the history creates the environment not only as a place for residing, but also for knowledge by the man of the own essence, formation of its outlook, life way. Symmetry in architecture is the creative innovation of the historic architectural form, its style unity, revelation of ethnographic definitions, banners of the appropriate land, unity of the historical and natural context.

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