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Walker Architects

For more than two decades, Terry L. Walker, AIA has created high quality residential architecture in the states of Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, and Canada. Each project has been conceived to gracefully mesh with their environments, and present residents with greener, more sustainable living space. In addition, Terry enjoys collaborating with other local architects to produce projects of world class quality. Terry’s goal is to create a brand of architecture that the legendary architect Louis Kahn once described as the “architecture of occasion." Each project arises and takes form from the nature of the client, and the special nature of the land and place. Such buildings encourage gatherings of friends and neighbors yet offer space for quiet contemplation, repose and reflection. Thus, both inside and outside spaces inspire creativity, give pleasure, and infuse both visitors and occupants with a sense of event and place. Walker Architects’ mission is to provide complete architectural services with an emphasis on exceptional quality and value, together with light and surface, to create dynamic, elegant and practical spaces that enrich our clients’ lives. Terry gives his personal attention to every detail of every project.

“Architecture is frozen music made of light & surface.” Walker Architects delivers thoughtful, original, inspired architecture that ranges from Modern to Classical, from traditional to contemporary and conveys a sense of humanism and purpose---while still fulfilling programmatic requirements. This is achieved through the application of design intelligence, intensive collaboration with other architects, artists, interior designers, clients and consultants, and careful investigation into the very best ways to accommodate the project.

“Design intelligence means doing more with less. Making use of recycled ideas as well as the material saved from old building’s.” “I like challenging sites---left over places in the city as well as “remote” privately owned islands in the Puget Sound.” The foundation of Walker’s work is the use of light and surface and the resulting space that takes form from the living patterns of the occupants. Rather than responding with nostalgic regressions or future projection, Walker investigates the possibilities inherent within the present---qualities already embedded in the place & the character of the land and owner, and that can be embodied and enhanced through architecture.

“Harnessing the world’s inexhaustible supply of solar energy starts with design intelligence not technology.” Looking south in the direction of the equator, a well-insulated house incorporates “daylighting” & passive solar design; architectural strategies linking the dynamic and perpetually evolving patterns of sunlight, to heat and light the house and typically augmented by mechanical & electrical systems. We achieve summer cooling and ventilating by using convective air currents (created by the natural tendency of hot air to rise and cool air to sink). In the winter, when the sun is low in the sky, solar energy penetrates windows on the south face to heat the house. In summer, south-facing windows are shaded by overhanging roofs, blocking the high hot summer sun, while shade devices shield the windows. Trees are placed to allow winter sun to pass while blocking sunlight with summer leaves. Passive solar is an application of design intelligence.

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