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Sagas Group

The Pattern Language of Legendary Design: At Sagas we have a passion for “good architecture”. For creativity and innovation within the scope of what the client tells us. We listen to the client. We program our design to fit the lifestyle, the budget, the site, the materials, and the desires of each client. Our goal is not to create monuments but to make very special places no matter what the budget. Places that are original, not copies, places that make dreams come true. We like to call them Legendary places! We specialize in themed Residential architecture both production and custom. We also do Hospitality projects like hotels and restaurants but have even designed schools in Guatemala and Uganda. The bulk of our commercial work includes lumber mills, wineries, theme parks, concrete tilt-ups, warehouses, apartments, retail stores, and commercial office space. Our residential works includes production and custom homes, multi family, mixed use, cluster developments and master planned communities. we specialize in agri based cluster developments. My personal design philosophy comes from a rule of thumb the "Shakers" had some 200 years ago, it goes If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to make it. If it is useful and necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to enhance it by adding what is not an integral part of its usefulness or necessity, and finally, if it is both useful and necessary and you can recognize and eliminate what is not essential, then go ahead and make it as beautifully as you can.

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