PencilJazz Architecture

Your land and your vision of the perfect home design is going to be unique. At PencilJazz, my job is to design your home to match your dream and your budget. I have been solving challenging design puzzles for 25 years, producing versatile, spacious, beautifully simple homes that are practical to build, and financially intelligent. You may be building your first home, or retiring in Maine. Thoughful planning and a complete set of plans will save you money and bring you happiness. Contact me for a free consultation. I will answer any questions you want to ask, and begin drawings of your dream while we share ideas. PencilJazz services include plans for new homes, remodels, additions, conversions, interior alterations, and condominiums. In 2008, PencilJazz has begun a quest to include very low energy consumption goals in all projects. In addition to pencil, I use computer software for plan production, materials, and 3D models.

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