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HTDSTUDIO is an international, multidisciplinary design practice with locations in New York City and Cork, Ireland. Founded in 1999, our mission is to bring innovative value added design excellence to architectural, interior, furniture, and industrial and graphic design projects. Design is seen by HTDSTUDIO as an essential and valuable component of each project. Our list of clients includes BarterLuxury, Inc. Castlelands Construction, Ltd., Conneran Development, Financial Women’s Association, Edward Waters College, RH FashionIconic LLC, Nonprofit Finance Fund, Del Rusher, Inc., VLF Development, and numerous other organizations, corporations and private residential clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Philosophy Something good can always come out of a challenge. Something can always be learned during the process. Everyone involved with the project has something to offer. Whether it’s a unique site, a tight budget or a new, emerging market, HTDSTUDIO strives to innovate through design solutions and technical expertise while getting our Clients to their specific goals and objectives. We recognize this dynamic and infuse it into our approach. Research + Technical Development Like any design firm that strives to innovate, HTDSTUDIO takes much pride in the opportunities it gets to create new architectural languages, statements and typologies. Whether limited or open competition, RFP or one-off research project, we use these exercises not only to affirm our expertise and strength as a design firm, but also to develop a steadily expanding repertoire of design elements and details. This technique has proven a considerable asset in our ability to rise to the demands and visions of our clients worldwide. Process Our pre-design services include site analysis, building code and zoning analysis, surveying of existing conditions, programming, budgeting and scheduling, as well as development of overall project strategies. We offer complete design services from schematic design to detailed design development. The extent of our design work ranges from simple space planning to fully detailed designs of lighting, custom cabinet work, finishes, etc. Our primary concern is the development of a design that not only enhances the functions of the client’s operations but also delineates the appropriate visual imagery. To assure clients’ understanding of our proposals we use rendered perspective color drawings, three-dimensional models and other visual communication.

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