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GroundSwell Architects

Groundswell Architects supports both our enduring use of the earth as an integral design element of all building projects and the ground swell of public interest in higher environmental and ecological thinking. Our buildings are designed from the heart to touch and inspire the human spirit. We strive to make our projects structurally and thermally efficient. We use materials and methods consistent with good ecological practices and seek socially responsible attitudes in choices of contractors and subcontractors. In our twenty years of business, we have designed and planned over 2,500,000 square feet of new and renovated building space at an estimated construction value of $125 million. Design innovations are our hallmark. Our office work has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel, the New England Cable News Network, in "Creating The Not So Big House Book", the New York Times, House Beautiful, Natural Home, Solar Age, Country Journal, and Yankee magazines. We have been energy consultants for the American Institute of Architects Research Corporation in Washington, D.C., and for the Environmental Conservation Board #5, State of Vermont. Currently, we are designing and marketing an innovative affordable housing scheme known as Green Ribbon Living. It raises the environmental and ecological bar for the mass housing market and we are optimistic that it will set a fresh trend in how shelter is conceived and constructed.

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