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Studio 0.10 Architects

Studio 0.10 Architects is a full service firm offering excellence in design and professional services with the utmost personal attention to each and every one of our client and project. Established in 1998, the projects of the firm have garnered many design awards and published internationally. The principal of the firm is involved with every project in the office and guide the firm’s work with a rigorous application of design intelligence - a belief that the process of work should be neither design driven nor function driven, but ‘idea driven’ where design and function are handmaidens to the ideas capable of generating intelligent and unique project solutions and experiences. As such, every project is launched not with answers but with questions and speculations. Our process is governed by deploying performative and operational strategies conceived to seek out specific solutions to specific needs and specific project parameters while simultaneously testing the project’s formal and spatial properties. In a nutshell, we are not “creative problem solvers” but we craft solutions that will influence a greater awareness of and appreciation for our physical environments while producing a meaningful exchange through user and program interface. Together, the principal and the staff members interface at all levels with the design process ensuring professional accountability and responsibility, and to make certain that the project’s ideation, development, documentation and execution are met with the utmost rigor, intellect and precision. Collectively, our process of work empowers our ability to derive a well-balanced solution between pragmatism and innovative thinking and we apply this process to each project in order to produce an outcome specific and unique to the client, stakeholder(s) and user(s) objectives. If this sounds different from other design firms, that is our goal and intent. After all, shouldn’t your project stand out and be truly different from all the others?

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