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Garofalo Architects, Inc.

The work of Garofalo Architects is grounded in the philosophy that both the practice and products of architectural design should actively participate in new developments that are redefining our culture and our environment. The firm’s work seeks to relate the fluidity, flexibility, and complexity of contemporary programs, techniques and technologies. GA’s goal is to generate architectural responses that engage the individual complexity of each project rather than relying on a predictable design signature. Factors such as the desires of the client, site context, programmatic demands and budget requirements provide the foundation for research that situates the project in a social, historical and aesthetic context. This collective inquiry includes data analysis, exploration of precedents and conceptual and physical models. Eventually, the process culminates in a valuable record of the collaborative thinking behind the project. The research is designed to enhance and facilitate discussion, maintain clarity of focus, and, where necessary, generate excitement in support of fundraising opportunities.

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