106 West 14th Street
Suite 3050
Kansas City

Tel: (816) 474-3050


Piper-Wind Architects, Inc.

Piper-Wind Architects, Inc. is located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. We are a full service, general practice firm whose focus is in the design and construction of architecture of the highest quality. We specialize in the planning and design of livable communities, traditional neighborhood development, and commercial districts. Our interests lie in creating quality places for people to live, work, gather and play through thoughtful renovations, new residential, commercial and public projects as well as careful planning practices.

We are motivated by the fundamental idea that good design enriches and benefits the lives of those who experience or impacted by it.

We do not promote a particular style of architecture. Rather, we look to the physical, programmatic and social influences of the building's context to guide us to an appropriate architectural design that creates a memorable sense of place.

Piper-Wind Architects...

The quality of our projects is evident in the spaces and details that we create. In everything we do we strive to have a creative solution that results in a heightened experience for the user. Whether it is town planning, site design, interior renovations, or new building design, the creative process of designing and getting built quality space is the central focus of our firm.

...we create places for people.

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