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Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects

At Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects, we believe a good design is good for business. Whatever your needs, ANF will work with you to create great architecture that is great for your business.

ANF Architects has been serving its clients around the world since 1975. Named by Architectural Record Magazine as one of the top managed firms in America, ANF Architects brings this same quality assurance to bear on every project we undertake. Whether your facility is large or small, retail or industrial, religious or educational, commercial or civic, your needs drive our vision to design and build an excellent space for your organization.

At the very heart of the great projects that ANF has produced is teamwork. And more teamwork. ANF has always recognized the value of our people, their crucial role in our projects, and how important communication is to our success. We communicate with daily team meetings, weekly staff meetings and constant project email, electronic project management, project web sites, and time management charts. When everyone is kept informed, the whole process works better, and it shows in our projects.

Just as important as communication is mutual respect and support at the workplace. We listen to each other. We help and support each other, especially during deadlines. Everyone's opinion is heard and many times used to move the project forward. We emphasize on-the-job learning and pride ourselves on winning the first AIA National Intern Development Program award. ANF believes that its people are its greatest resource and that whatever time and money is spent on advancing the knowledge and skills of our employees comes back to us ten fold.

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